News of Environmental Anti- Corrosion Silver Mirror
Release time:2017-08-01
Warmly congratulations on Qingdao Pioneer Glass Limited Company--- The environmental anti-corrosion copper free mirror is regulated successfully and is inputted smoothly.
Copper free mirror, also known as environmental mirror, is one kind of silver mirror without copper, it is different from the common silver mirror have copper inside. It is an inevitable product which can replace the common silver mirror with copper in the near future. In recent years, the copper free mirror is using the ordinary mirror back painting to protect the mirror hardware material, the product aging and environmental corrosion resistant was less than satisfactory, and it’s constantly appear the imperfections like mirror clouds ,edge corrode and black edge. And the silver mirror quality problems occur frequently due to the operating and environmental problems like glue painting, splashing, muggy in the process of installation and using.Our company based on current requirements, improve the mirror making technology and stick control of the medicine painting, using the double-layer polyurethane corrosion resistant painting to protect the mirror hardware material effectively. Completely eradicate the existing imperfections of the common silver mirror and copper free mirror fundamentally, it also improve the quality substantially.
Knowledge of Mirror Making:
In the production process of common silver mirror, after painting the reflective silver, it will painting a layer of Cu to protect the silver coating.(For Ag is a really active chemical element, when exposing to the air, it will be easily oxidized , like the silver jewelry will become dark and gray after a long time.) While the Cu is a heavy metallic element, in the producing and using process of the silver mirror, the Cu garbage will do a great influence to the environment. So for many years, the industry has always want to using some kind of environmental material to replace the Cu, but it didn’t succeed.