The price of the glass in the future will inevitably increase due to the influen
Release time:2018-12-20
A piece of website news from the Ministry of Environmental Protection indicates that according to 《The Plan Guided by Air Pollution Prevention and Intensive Supervisions Over Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province Between 2017 and 2018》, the inspection team carried out an examination over the operation of environmental protection facilities in contaminated areas and required emission.On 12th of April, 28 inspection teams inspected 389 enterprises(including construction sites) and discovered that 245 of them had problems that violated relevant laws regulations, accounting for 63% of all inspected.Among them, there are 49 small-scale enterprises which illegally produce goods, 3 enterprises which emit beyond standard, 7 enterprises which have VOCS problems, 29 enterprises which are not equipped with pollution alleviation facilities, 15 enterprises whose pollution prevention facilities are not in operation, 2 enterprises which provide false online monitoring information, 93 enterprises which lack well-established measures for preventing dust, and 47 which have open-air barbecue problems.
Some glass companies have obvious and severe environmental problems.
First, a glass limited company located in Hebei Province is involved in online monitoring facilities.
Second, some factories emit exhaust without proper processing.
The problem above are conveyed the local environmental authorities for further inspection. Inspection teams at various levels will follow up how things improve according to the requirement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. For severe problems, The Ministry of Environmental Protection has informed provincial and municipal bureau of Environmental protection. If enforces the punishment and improvement of environmental pollution, sets a deadline and expects to witness individual progress.
Over the past two months, with increasing pressure from Environmental Protection Supervision Department, there are dramatic changes in the glass market. The price of float glass raw sheet constantly rises, which leads to the drastic increase of the production cost of glass manufacturing factories downstream. Many relevant factories are confronted with difficulties in management. Due to the trend of nationwide environmental protection and the increased investment and labour cost in the future glass industry, it is inevitable that the price of glass will increase.